Everyone has a story to tell.  You know your family better than anyone, and it's important that they feel relaxed and at ease with whomever you choose to photograph them.  You need a photographer who takes time to know you and has fun!  Someone who will capture the real you and tell your personal story. 

Denise is a Newborn Baby photographer based in South Orange County CA.  She is one of the first Qualified Newborn Photographers Certified by the APNPI.  She has also taken safety courses and has passed her safety certification at APNPI.

Your session is customized to fit your personality and reveal a small piece of your story in a fresh and organic way. Our goal at DHP is to capture and deliver quality images unique to you. Our goal is to capture the feelings of expectation and excitement that go along with bringing a new life into your world.  We don't want to just give you a snapshot we want to give you images you cherish and brigs a flood of memories and feelings with it.

Photography is what I love to do most and second is having fun!  I am a former Daycare owner and Preschool teacher.  I have a passion for newborns, they are my first love and sweet spot!  Capturing the essence of a new baby for parents is such an honor, one I never take lightly!  The first few weeks with your new little one is such a blur and I capture the little details for you to hold onto for a lifetime.  

I use my life's experience to create a safe calm environment for baby during the session.  Newborn Sessions are baby led meaning your baby's physiology and personality determine the poses they can do. I won't ever force a pose and I watch for queues from baby to make sure they are comfortable and happy the entire time!

Personal note: If I could tell every new parent a few things this is what I would want them to know....

  • Everyone say time passes so quickly.  It really does go so quick and you can't do it over so do it well!  Have fun with your kids! Play games, laugh with them, make messes with them, tear the couch apart and make a fort, throw water balloons and run in the sprinklers!  I was so worried about the wrong things when my kids were little and I missed out on these things.  I'm getting to do it all now with my grandson and that's a gift!  We do all the things I mentioned above and more! And the house still gets cleaned and he's still gets fed and his homework is done - and I am so much happier not sweating the small stuff!

  • Get in the photos with your kids!  I'm not saying this as a photographer but as a mom who now has regrets, thinking I was too fat or had no makeup on, my hair wasn't done or some other lame excuse to not be in pictures with my kids. My kids are grown and there are a very few photos of me with my kids.  I am so sad that I let myself do that - not just because I don't have them but they won't have them when I'm gone.  I take selfies with my grandson and husband we take lots of silly photos, fun photos and serious photos.  I had the photos below taken of us with our grandson Cody at Disneyland because thats something we do with him and it’s  a place we make memories.  I know he will cherish those photos when we are gone as much as I do now!

  • Print your photos!  Ok now I'm talking from a photographer/mom stance!  Since my grandson was born I have taken thousands of pictures of him - yikes!  They are all on hard drives - some of which have failed and I have no idea what part of his life I lost because its all such a mess!  When my kids were little we only had film, we developed our photos and we either put them in books, put them out in frames or stuck them in boxes.  But we can go through them and hold them and remember things like a favorite stuffed animal a trip to Sea World because its in all the photos from that year. It was so much easier to organize the photos that were a physical item.  Toss what I didn't want in the trash and keep the good ones.  Now there are folders on our computer, photos on our phones, and discs and flash drives in drawers. All of these digital storage devices WILL fail you can never get those images back.  Printed photos can always be scanned and another digital made prints don't fail!  So I encourage you to print your photos!  A great way is to make a photo book or album!  My kids and grandson along with friends will pick up my books and go through them and they enjoy seeing our family and how we have changed over the years. 


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