Photographers are artists.  They either have a style in their finished product you'll enjoy or they don't.  Denise Hurdle definitly HAS IT!

This isn't Denise's first rodeo, and her preparation, patience, and professionalism demonstrate that throughout the process.  My wife scheduled for us to show up with our newborn towards the end of September of 2016.  Denise had every single detail worked out.  Every. Single. Detail.

Diapers, wipes, a changing station set up for that inevitable baby-blow out? Check

Boppies for breastfeeding mommies? Check

Snacks and Drinks for moms and dads? Check

Thermostat set up to where it feels comfy/cozy/sleepy for our newborn? Check

Absolute brilliant photographs as a result? JACKPOT!

The only thing that presented any difficulty was choosing which photographs to turn into larger prints (tough problem to have right??).  All of the photos left us blown away, so much so we opted to take every single photo (digitally) that she snapped.

I cannot thank Denise Hurdle enough capturing this special, precious moment in my daughters life.  My wife and I will cherish these moments captured by Denise literally for the rest of our lives.

Matt B.

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Denise is AMAZING!!  She came to the hospital to shoot my family meeting baby for the first time and we have been with her ever since.  Her studio is set up so professionaly and she takes her time to get the right shot.  So glad we found her!


Denise is one amazing photographer. Not only is she naturally good with the camera, she is great at capturing the moment. Taking a picture is one thing, but capturing the essence of a subject is a whole other skill-one that Denise possesses.


Denise was very accommodating from the moment we made contact, to booking and session, all the way to the delivery of the photos…We handed our baby to her and it was magic! She’s like a baby whisperer. She was able to capture so many cute photos of our baby. Not to mention she had a ton of outfits to choose from and we got different looks

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